Through cross culture and multilingual actions (in Greek, English and the local language) we aim in the participation and the attendance of human power, such as:

scientists, academics, professors, philosophers, artists, students, technical working force, as well as special teams (unskilled, unemployed, women, children, individuals with special needs etc) in the interior of Greece and/ or the host country.

Mainly through the Ancient Greek Tragedy, the Modern Theatre and Opera in its Classical and Experimental form, ARCADIA provides:

a. Short term projects: Symposiums, congresses, festivals, seminars, workshops, expeditions, lectures, music presentations, Round Tables, theatre presentations
and in general cultural events with any adequate means and all the necessary publicity:  press conferences, media, publications, digital products, receptions etc., where significant personalities from Greece and the host country (professors, philosophers, scientists and artists) analyze Culture, Science and Art.

The presentations of Greek Ancient Tragedy and Opera are accompanied by Symphonic Orchestras, which always perform live. The music is specifically composed for our presentations by top and well-known composers.


Founding and organizing International Classical Theatre Contests, International Art Festivals, National Art Stages, Theatres, etc.

Presentations, seminars, workshops, coaching, tutoring in the fields of:

  • Directing.
  • Acting.
  • Theatre costume design.
  • Scenography – Stage design.
  • Light design.
  • Dramaturgy analysis.
  • Art management.
  • Theatre in education.
  • Thematic ceremonies (weddings, engagements etc).
  • Crisis / Risk Management
  • Reconciliation of Professional and Private Life
  • Elimination of Discriminations
  • Work field respect.
  • The importance of Innovations in Businesses/Organizations

The range of our organization’s action is international and our audience includes all social teams

 A significant part of our presentations’ income is given for philanthropy donations, in order to aid organizations who support children, people with special needs and organizations who fight discriminations and poverty.