Dr. Xenophon Moussas

Honorary president

Professor in UOA University in Space Physics, Director of Astrophysics Laboratory. He has been honored by great universities worldwide and has presented the famous Mechanism of Antikythera, an ancient technological achievement of Astronomy, in the biggest Universities and institutions all over the world.


Dr. Katerina Paliou

Founder, president

Phd in Arts in Oxford, Directing and acting in Old Vic Theatre and Theatrology in Sorbonne.

Member of International Federation of Media– Εntertainment Μ.Ε.Ι., of European Federation of Directors FERA, of Hellenic Federation of Directors, founder member of ISA and IAN.


Lydia Palla

Founder, vice-president

Fine Arts in AUT University.
Assistant director and producer in ARCADIA productions.

Alongside, we are valued with the effort and friendship of
Dr. George Christodoulopoulos, economist, who supports the idea of Arcadian vision from the very beginning.

Also, we were privileged to enjoy the support of two great personalities, distinguished scientists and academics:
Prof. Dr. John Anton and Prof. Dr. Thanassis Maskaleris. They honored us deeply with their knowledge, support and their unreplaceable friendship.